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Digital Processes with Fast ROI

Compared to strategic procurement, transactional procurement is still overlooked or neglected. Even though software solutions have been on the market for years, they are not widely used for transactional procurement processes. According to a BME survey from 2015, only 30% of companies use software tools for these processes, which is a big mistake!

The savings potential resulting from digitizing standard procedures is especially high because the underlying processes are fairly simple and the number of transactions is high. The ROI is also above average because the processes are easy to set up and implement.

The low distribution of digitized processes in transactional procurement is even more surprising because companies that use SCM software solutions generally report significant positive effects on their processes: 

  • 67% report improved supplier connections and communication
  • 60% reported increased process transparency and compliance
  • 57% saved on process costs • Added benefits: improved transparency of delivery data and availability, early recognition of delivery issues, and improved supplier reliability.

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