Get to Know the Savings Management Benefits of Portfolio Savings Manager!


Have you heard?  We recently released our newest product Portfolio Saving Manager (PSM), and it’s ready to start you down the path towards savings.  Want to know more? We invite you to take a couple of minutes and watch this quick video that shows what PSM is all about.


Where do you start when it’s time to get serious about savings management?

You probably begin with an overall savings target. Then your team generates ideas – and that’s when the questions start. Which idea will save the most? What will you need to make it work? What’s the time frame? Meanwhile, your boss wants real-time updates, but you’re not even sure where you’re going or how to get there.

How do you plot the right course?

You might combine spreadsheets with project plans and dashboards. But even then, you struggle to answer the key question: are my savings efforts working?

Welcome to a new day in savings tracking!

Meet Portfolio Savings Manager, or PSM. It’s a single tool that combines the functionality of spreadsheets, workflows, databases and dashboards – all on one screen.

With PSM you can clearly see which savings initiatives will have the biggest impact, compare savings ideas side by side – and easily prioritize which ones to pursue first.

Once you’ve determined where to save, you can assign owners, set goals, and build execution plans. PSM does the rest, automatically forecasting your savings and getting everyone on board.

As your initiatives progress, PSM tracks actual results against forecasts, flags upcoming milestones, and delivers real-time progress reports. Next thing you know, you’re THERE.

So break through analysis paralysis and start saving today. Portfolio Savings Manager from JAGGAER makes it easy to deliver Value BEYOND Savings. Learn more at

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