A Festival of Thought Leadership at JAGGAER's Midwest and West Regional User Group Meetings


At JAGGAER, we are committed to our customers’ success. And we think one of the best ways to help our customers succeed is to listen to them, and incorporate their feedback into our development process. On April 25th and 27th, we invited our customers to spend time with us at two of our Regional User Group (RUG) meetings in Houston and Oakland. For some, this was the first time they had interacted in person with JAGGAER staff or fellow users since our name change from SciQuest in January.

I heard a lot of “Why the new name?” or, “SciQuest…..I mean, JAGGAER,” from attendees early in the meetings. Especially for customers who have been with us for years, our name change and new direction raises understandable confusion, and one of our goals was to address this head-on.

Attendees spent the day learning about how to get the most out of their JAGGAER products from our staff and their customer peers, as well as getting to view live demos of our software. Over breaks and meals, attendees met with us to further discuss their questions or even just get acquainted face-to-face with their JAGGAER contacts and the new management team.

At both meetings, key topics included:

  • What’s coming next to JAGGAER?
  • Product demos with tips, tricks and best practices
  • Features you should really know about

RUG Midwest

The first stop of the week was in Houston, where we hosted the Midwest RUG at the Houston Marriott at Hobby Airport. We were excited to see many of our higher education customers from Texas made the trip and engaged in mutually beneficial conversations with their professional peers. Representatives from Tulsa Community College and Sam Houston State provided useful presentations on their successes in implementing JAGGAER products.

RUG West

Next, we traveled to Oakland where the University of California title=””The University of California’s $200 million secret: spend analysis”, Office of the President (UCOP), hosted the JAGGAER West RUG at the Oakland City Conference Center. Here, we heard from the University of California, San Diego, about their success with JAGGAER. Both California natives, Robert Bonavito, JAGGAER CEO, and Zia Zahiri, JAGGAER CTO, attended the meeting and brought a unique perspective to the program.

During these meetings I was reminded of why we can call ourselves “the most powerful spend solutions suite,” especially through our user success presentations. But, as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Our products are most powerful when our users know how to use them, and it is the responsibility of users and JAGGAER staff to work together to achieve this. These meetings were so successful because of the careful planning of topics to cover and through the willingness of attendees to constructively address their concerns.

We found that many of the customer questions were based around usage, and could be answered at the meeting. Questions that couldn’t be answered proved even more useful to the JAGGAER staff to identify key areas in need of improvement to report back to their teams. Regardless of commercial or educational background, attendees continue to form valuable connections that last beyond these RUGs.

I will say, we were excited to hear the JAGGAER name confidently used in conversations towards the end of the meetings. Thank you to all our customers who made the trip, we look forward to seeing you next time!

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