Customer Focus and Innovative Approach Elevate the Role of Procurement at the University of Colorado


The University of Colorado’s procurement group, which oversees more than $1 billion in spending across four campuses recently upgraded its procurement system to save millions and delight its customers.

The University of Colorado’s Procurement Spending Center serves tens of thousands of users across hundreds of departments. Its customers include students, faculty, researchers, doctors, coaches and administrative employees. Amplifying the challenge is the range and complexity of requirements and buying patterns.

To meet the needs of a diverse and demanding community the University of Colorado’s Procurement Spending Center dramatically streamlined and simplified its procurement process.

“One thing that’s really important to our customers is speed,” said Sandy Hicks, Associate Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, University of Colorado Procurement Service Center. “When they want something, they want it quickly.”

Using JAGGAER Spend Director eProcurement software, the Procurement Spending Center created Marketplace, an easy to use online buying system that’s generated outstanding feedback to date.

“Customer service wise, people just love the Marketplace,” said Hicks. “They find it so easy to use.”

It also implemented JAGGAER Accounts Payable Director to automate a manual, paper-based invoicing process and JAGGER Sourcing Director to enhance its ability to track and manage spending.

“We knew if we could adopt a strategic sourcing strategy by integrating an eSourcing tool with our eProcurement tool, we would see additional savings and value,” said Hicks.

“The truth of the matter is we couldn’t really show metrics before JAGGAER,” she noted.

Combining greater visibility with an improved buying experience, the Procurement Spending Center has generated the following early returns:

  • $7 million in savings
  • 91 percent of purchases processed in a day or less
  • 75 percent of orders processed through the new online-buying system

More important, members of the university community spend less time on procurement and more time on their most important work. The result is a movement of happy customers (including an Accounts Payable department that is no longer buried under paper) who can testify to the Procurement Spending Center’s ability to innovate.

“Implementing JAGGAER has transformed procurement for the university. It let us solve a lot of problems we had in the procurement area,” said Hicks.

It’s also helped sustain and grow the Procurement Spending Center’s reputation as a valued strategic partner within the University of Colorado.

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