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Category Managers are invaluable to a high-functioning procurement process. The requisite skill set is complex and often nuanced: managing critical relationships, possessing specific category expertise, and providing strategic sourcing insight to help drive value for their organizations.

JAGGAER Partner Denali hosts a popular training opportunity called Denali Academy to help develop and train category managers. Readers of this blog can save 10% on the registration fee if by using the code: JAGGAER2017 and registering before April 11, 2017.

Several Denali Academy sessions are coming up:

  • Category Management Foundation: May 9-10 (San Jose)
  • Category Management Excellence: May 11-12 (San Jose)
  • Category Management Foundation: May 16-17 (Pittsburgh)
  • Category Management Excellence: May 18-19 (Pittsburgh)

Which Session is right for me?

Foundation Training – a blended learning approach to Category Management training employs hands-on methods supported by exercises and case studies.

Excellence Training – The curriculum is designed to be more in-depth by applying category management principles to particularly challenging situation

During these sessions, participants will learn:

  • How category management differs from strategic sourcing, and how it creates value for the organization
  • The four-step category management process, and how it relates to execution processes such as strategic sourcing and supplier management
  • Key methodologies that category managers can leverage to create value
  • The importance of key soft skills such as stakeholder management and change management

Who Should Attend?

  • New or aspiring category managers
  • Category managers or procurement professionals who want to improve their strategic skillsets
  • Category managers who are part of an organizational shift from a more tactical approach a more strategic one
  • Procurement professionals seeking to earn continuing education hours for their ISM or APS certification

Don’t miss this opportunity to save on training that will advance your career and enhance your impact within your organization. Register now.

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