JAGGAER Springs Into the Future With Gazelle (Release 17.1)


For procurement leaders who want to accelerate their strategy, JAGGAER’s latest 17.1 release, or “Gazelle,” is a leap forward in power and performance.  JAGGAER has enhanced and updated its entire product line, delivering unprecedented business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

True to its name, Gazelle processes data ten times faster than the competition in spend analytics. It’s the expression of the very latest trends in function and design and was built using feedback and insights from procurement leaders.

According to JAGGAER CTO Zia Zahari, Gazelle sets the tone for the year, anticipating “strong advances against an aggressive timetable to deliver what current customers demand and what future customers desire.”

Just a couple of the new capabilities and upgrades procurement teams can chase with Gazelle:

Advanced Spending Analysis – For procurement teams seeking a better way to save costs and enhance visibility, Gazelle represents the next generation of spend analytics, based on big data, enhanced search capabilities and improved data visualization.

Strategic Spend Management – Gazelle also offers powerful forecasting, tracking and management capabilities, enabling procurement teams to manage, customize and classify projects across categories. This brings advanced levels of precision and details to strategic planning efforts, making it easier for procurement teams to act upon opportunities to improve operations.

For procurement leaders seeking to deliver strong results quickly, Gazelle offers an “innovative holistic” approach,” based on “data transparency, accuracy and interoperability across the entire spend management platform,” says Zahiri.

Built to serve the commercial, higher-education and life sciences markets, Gazelle “sets the stage for strong growth in engineering and development,” adds JAGGAER CEO Rob Bonavito.

To learn more about the power, speed, and performance of Gazelle see here.

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