Biopharma and Research Labs to Receive Expansive New Materials Management Capabilities with JAGGAER Product Release

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – June 25, 2019: JAGGAER, the world’s largest independent spend management company today announces the release of Research Materials Management 19.1 (RMM), formerly Enterprise Reagent Manager, representing a sweeping three-year upgrade to deliver the most powerful chemical inventory management solution currently available to the global marketplace.  JAGGAER’s solution is currently in use by nine of top 15 and 12 of top 25 global life sciences organizations.  

The 19.1 release is the culmination of a three-year transformation of the Research Materials Management user experience based on input from multiple customers through regional user groups, and market analysis on usability benchmarks. The new interface will be familiar to any user who has conducted online shopping, and is designed to be instantly usable with little or no ramp up training. It is adaptive for use with iOS and Android tablets and provides heightened security 

“JAGGAER’s chemical inventory management solution is a proven boon to researchers. Its expansive capabilities allow teams to focus on their important work without being distracted by the minutia of day to day inventory tasks, while operating with complete assurance that their stocks are maintained with current materials and discarded materials are being properly handled per industry certification standard. This powerful solution has enabled many significant organizations to work in a more efficient manner and saves them both time and money,” says Robert Bonavito, CEO, JAGGAER.

JAGGAER’s Research Materials Management is designed specifically for the needs of wet labs, with customers seeing an average annual savings of 20-25% on their chemical spend, as well as reduced risk from the liability of maintaining expired materials. Research Materials Management allows scientific staff throughout the organization to find, source and track commercial and proprietary chemicals, reagents and lab supplies from a single application. RMM also optimizes inventory use and promotes regulatory compliance while managing the risks associated with hazardous materialsA complete data sheet on Research Materials Management can be found here.  

19.1 Highlights: 

  • Enhanced search and query capabilities for materials, containers and request items 
  • Container scan operations enhancements, including a new multi-user kiosk mode for container scan operations 
  • Inventory reconciliation enhancements, including new capabilities to capture and upload reconciliation data from sources other than the Materials Management hand-held scanner application, and new capabilities for capturing inventory reconciliation statistics for reporting 
  • Container expiration notifications can be configured to generate and send automated alerts for containers nearing expiration  
  • Additional data loader types for cost centers, cost center groups, and inventory reconciliation data 


JAGGAER’s REV2019 happens October 1-3, 2019 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina in San Diego, CA. REV2019’s central theme is “Educate – Innovate – Accelerate,” and is an expression of the company’s vision of enabling customers to achieve their business goals through effective application of tools designed to simplify procurement for any enterprise.  

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