Applicative DBA



  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a technical or scientific discipline.
  • Above average communication skills (written and verbal) in both Italian and English languages.
  • Proven ability to understand functional and business requirements and how they map into data models.
  • More than 3 years of experience in autonomous design of complex data models. Preferred experience in multitenant database environments.
  • Experience in management of data model versioning, evolution and data migrations scripts design.
  • Proven skills in database query optimization and performance improvement in very large database contexts.
  • Deep knowledge on how Oracle Database works (tables, views, indexes, constraints, datatypes, PL/SQL, jobs, CTX indexes, performance toolkit).
  • Good ability to write/read/speak technical English (intermediate B1) needed to work in an international global organization.

Job Duties

The role is reporting to the Product Development manager in the Milan office, which is part of the Global Product Development team.

Contribute to the design of product data model and architecture with Developer Leads, balancing short term functional requirements, future evolutions and performance needs based on expected data volumes.

Manage data model design guidelines, naming conventions, best practices to be followed by developers to access the database for reading and writing data. Definition of best in memory cache usage policies.

Discuss with Product Managers about business requirements to better tune the database structure and configuration to enable best performance according to business needs and software architecture.

Collaborate with  IT Operations DBA to analyze critical issues and to identify best solutions to adopt in either database structures or in the applicative software.

Collaborate with development manager to maintain formal description of the current product data model, for each product release maintain database creation and migration scripts according to the product deployment processes in the different environments up to production.


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