Increase Procure-to-Pay Productivity in a Mobile App


We all love our smart phones. Voice calls, texting, email and calendaring are all daily activities we have access to right at our fingertips.  Plus you can find an app for just about any service you need. So why not utilize our phones more to speed the procure-to-pay process and help keep things moving while traveling or away from the office?

The right mobile app is key. JAGGAER offers a secure mobile app that allows you to view attachments and comments, plus approve purchase orders, invoices, and requisition orders on-the-go.  You can also identify other approvers to keep the workflow moving, and contact others via email or call by tapping on their name in the app.

While most of you are used to using mobile devices in your everyday life, not everyone has made the move in the workforce. Security concerns are a big reason why not everyone has made the leap, as well as the conception that mobile business applications do not greatly increase procure-to-pay efficiency. According to PayStream Advisors Purchase-to-Pay for Mobile Report, over one-third of organizations report having a highly mobile workforce. With most North American businesses expecting their business travel to remain the same or increase in 2016, the use of mobile devices for business activity will also grow. And with mobile devices not just used by travelling employees, but employees in all roles, they are predicting the U.S. mobile worker population to grow from 96.2 million to 105.4 million by 2020, with nearly three quarters of the total U.S. workforce being mobile.

How does an organization support procure-to-pay growth and make mobile work for them?

In this survey by PayStream Advisors, the following were the top uses of mobile devices:

  1. Expense reporting
  2. Expense report approval
  3. Purchasing
  4. Invoice approval
  5. Payment approval
  6. Invoice routing

How can JAGGAER help you move to a more mobile platform with our secure mobile app? What can it offer you? In addition to the fulfilling the top uses listed above, JAGGAER’s P2P solutions operate on one platform, providing a common user experience and a shared data model that eliminates up to 90 percent of data entry errors. By using both native code and responsive application technologies the JAGGAER mobile app is secure, and offers you the following functionality:

  • Seamless shopping
  • Management review and approval actions within the app for:
    • contracts
    • supplier applications
    • requisitions
    • invoices
    • purchase orders
  • Access to supplier catalog interfaces and other procurement features via web browsers
  • You gain the full eProcurement shopping experience with the premium shopping and approval features of the web-based Spend Director
  • You can access real-time pricing with the Mobile LivePrice, and receive important time-saving features, such as draft carts, a favorites folder and requisitioner assignment.

But mobile isn’t limited to procure-to-pay processes. JAGGAER users can also approve and review requests using Sourcing Director and Total Contract Manager, plus accept or decline supplier profile changes in Total Supplier Manager via the app.

You and your organization should not consider mobile applications as an add-on feature of procurement and accounts payable. Instead, you should proactively consider P2P solutions’ mobile offerings when selecting a system. The JAGGAER app requires no extra installation or training time, and is included with our solutions, so contact us today to learn how you can start using your mobile device for on-the-go procure-to-pay.

Download the JAGGAER app now from the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store on any iOS or Android device.

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For more insights into mobile for procure-to-pay topics and uses, please download the PayStream Procure-to-Pay for Mobile Report.

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