Inventory Management

Fulfill purchase requests from existing inventory

Key Features

Manage demand and supply

Why buy more when you can fulfill purchase requests from stock on hand, track allocations against inventory, and apply against budgets?

Optimize levels

Reduce capital tied up in stock while ensuring auto-replenishment as components and materials are needed.

Regulatory compliance

Accounts for the local legal, regulatory, compliance, health & safety and environmental issues of stock items.

Tailored to your industry

If you work in an industry or line of business such as pharma or laboratory research you’ll face special needs for inventory control. All supported by JAGGAER.

  • Access controls
  • Health & safety
  • Environmental compliance

The Research Material Manager (RMM) Data Sheet

Allow your researchers more time at the bench with JAGGAER RRM.

Achieve Sustainable Management of Research Chemicals – A Guide to Critical Capabilities

Why research chemical management is not all equal.

Webinar: Next Generation Chemical Management

How a leading research university increased visibility, streamlined processes, and eliminated duplicate purchases.

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