Long-Term Supplier Declaration

International Business Regulations Can Affect Costs

Customs regulations cause high process costs if you do not handle the paperwork efficiently. Managing long-term supplier paperwork by fax or email can create even further delays and significantly increase process costs.

Introducing The Long-Term Supplier Declaration Solution

JAGGAER Direct Long-Term Supplier Declaration makes it easy for you to manage certificates of origin and other documents. It is fully integrated into the online Supplier Portal. Suppliers can upload all the documents you need for each purchase order and item. This module also saves time with templates and pre-fill from previously entered information.

Better Than SAP

With our solution, process long-term supplier declarations faster and more easily than in SAP. Your suppliers enter all the information you need for each material in the online portal. The solution then automatically transfers the information to your ERP, saving you time, effort, and reduces your process costs.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • The best ERP integration on the procurement software market
  • Less work with pre-filled templates
  • Track incoming documents in one place
  • Much simpler than SAP
  • Get it right more often with pre-fill and default values

Integrate For Even Better Results


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