Certificate Management

Improve Certificate Management

Managing the certifications of your suppliers can be cumbersome and time-consuming. There are also times you are only able to source from suppliers with certifications, which provides an additional challenge. At times, certificates are only valid in certain countries; other times, certifications have expired without your knowledge. You need a robust sourcing solution that significantly improves the certificate management process so that you can create events, and manage bids and awards effectively. A mistake in this process could have serious consequences for your company.

Introducing Intelligent Certificate Management

JAGGAER Direct Certificate Management collects certificates and any other important information either during the registration process or over Document Approval Exchange. The JAGGAER Direct Certificate Management module sends automated alerts so that your suppliers may upload new certificates on time and you never miss a deadline. If a certificate has expired, the JAGGAER platform automatically takes corrective steps by blocking or downgrading the supplier so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Seamless integration with other JAGGAER modules
  • Flexible workflows that support decision-making process around expiring certificates
  • Database you can search by certificate

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