Expertise for Your Industry

Unlike any other IT provider on the market, we focus on the demands of direct procurement and support its complex processes with specific features & functions. We believe that procurement is the very core of your purchasing organization where the important decisions are made and the real savings are made.

Our best practice solutions are used in nearly all industries. JAGGAER Direct solutions are especially well-suited to companies in the manufacturing industry because these companies operate in an environment driven by innovation, rely on short response times, and need mature IT solutions. Industry-specific processes often play a crucial role: global supplier lists, APQP and 8D reports in the automotive sector are included as well as unique supplier qualification processes in plant construction and engineering. In contrast, pharmaceutical, medical technology, and food/beverage companies have strict quality requirements and hygiene regulations which JAGGAER helps to fulfill. For these reasons, many Fortune 500 companies have already chosen our software solutions.


The automotive industry has the most advanced procurement practices in the business world. Our software solution keeps pace with these advances, making us the leading partner for the industry. Shorter development cycles, closer technology partnerships with suppliers, high supply chain quality requirements as well as ongoing monitoring of critical suppliers are all challenges that our automotive customers face every day. Optimizing the sustainability of supplier audits as part of supplier development is a must. The analysis of cost components from different suppliers using detailed split of costs can also not be overlooked in today’s automotive sector.


Built using best practices from 15 years of working with global leaders in production, our mature solution suite covers everything you need in manufacturing procurement. Procurement in manufacturing is largely driven by design. This means that close coordination between Development and Procurement is a must. However, a large percentage of production costs is already determined by product specifications – and without involving Procurement. The wide variety of parts involved creates a huge processing overhead. Each new component or machine that was not planned for must be discussed with engineering first, and these products are often demanded by customers on short-notice.

Plant Engineering

Procurement in plant engineering faces many major organizational challenges. The projects usually run over a long period of time and are spread across different locations. Insufficient information makes supplier capacity hard to track in advance, and changes in delivery and service costs can affect the entire project. Timing is crucial and project delays can result in unwanted costs. Another challenge faced by procurement departments in plant engineering is that almost every part is customized and complex with completely unique requirements.

Consumer Goods

Procurement for consumer goods has tough requirements. Companies need responsible supply chains worthy of the trust that consumers place in their brands. This is why we offer advanced functions and expert integration, including sustainability and CSR information.

Medical Devices

The industry is facing challenging times: international competition is forcing companies in medtech to cut costs. However, companies cannot afford to reduce quality or scale back on innovation. On top of this, they have to comply with industry regulations and standards. We offer enhanced supplier management and integration with quality management, making it the ideal software for medtech.