The Right Sourcing Tool Eliminates the Real Halloween Scare


On Halloween night be prepared for fright

Ghost, Goblins, Ghouls and the like


Kids and adults all get into the action

With costumes, decorations and perhaps a slight infraction


Haunted houses, parties and booing your friends

All topped off with a sweet treat at the end


But what if, in all the stores far and near

On all the shelves, and storage in rear

What if all the candy started to disappear or even worse, it was never there?

Remember this children’s story about The Five Little Pumpkins? I started thinking about candy and all of the fun treats we look so forward to getting on Halloween night. To us and our kids, it is a fun evening of dressing as our favorite Star Wars or cartoon character, princess or super hero, but we don’t think of the supply chain logistics and work behind bringing our favorite treats from fields, to the manufacturer, to the stores and into our mouths. But what if, like the five little pumpkins, the candy just went whoosh out like the lights and rolled out of sight?

Most consumers take for granted that the items they want to purchase will just be there waiting for them, but the reality is the supply chain logistics to get these items to the shelf can be extremely complicated. The production details, distribution routes and ensuring sustainability of the resources that make your favorite chocolate treat are just a few examples of the many things producers have to consider and track.

That’s where JAGGAER can help, think of them as a type of ringleader of this Halloween circus. With Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO), a strategic sourcing solution, organizations are able to ensure their goods are transported with maximum efficiency. ASO can help manufacturers with decisions such as considering the best carrier capability, examining carbon footprints, and planning for lead times and route optimization. ASO not only helps with the transportation of goods, but allows procurement professionals to make decisions and select suppliers that support sustainability goals, something that is becoming increasingly important in the cocoa industry. Many don’t realize it, but by 2020 the consumer demand for cocoa may surpass the available supply. Utilizing technologies such as ASO is just one example of how organizations can help track and maintain sustainability to help protect and boost production of their goods.

Your biggest fear this Halloween should be on picking that perfect costume, and any concerns about running out of candy should be due to too many trick or treaters, not if the treats will even make it to the shelves in the first place.

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