Multi-ERP: Why Data Transparency is No Longer an Illusion

Your bonus: Practical tips to help you meet the challenges of global companies

Global companies, corporations and business associations almost always work with different ERP systems at their international locations. The more complex the environment, the harder it is for Procurement to implement global strategies and standardized processes in supplier management.

Is your supplier data scattered across multiple IT systems? Do your international locations use different processes? Do your  individual business units have specialized products?

The Key to Success is Clean Primary Data!

In such complex environments, it is absolutely critical to harmonize primary data from different systems before setting up digital processes! Your Procurement team will only be able to plan, define, and implement global savings strategies successfully if they have a clean core database to work with.

This white paper
 answers your fundamental questions and will prepare you to meet the challenges of multiple third-party systems in your company or business association successfully.

Discover more about:

  • The risks of multiple ERP systems and duplicates
  • How you can finally achieve company-wide supplier data transparency
  • Why your strategies are implemented globally with JAGGAER
  • How to convince internal stakeholders

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