Using Spend Analysis Data to Build Your Sourcing Roadmap

For many organizations undertaking a strategic procurement initiative, it’s not uncommon for procurement professionals to feel like they have “bad data.” Unless your organization has absolutely zero data, this isn’t likely to be true. Having the right tools can help your organization get an accurate view of your spending, your suppliers and opportunities for improving sourcing and procurement activities. A strategic spend analysis solution will allow your organization to identify what data is important to collect, and will then enable actionable business decisions based on that data, including a forward-thinking sourcing roadmap.

This white paper will discuss:

  • How to improve the effectiveness of your spend data and spend analytics;
  • The importance of collecting all data within your organization to leverage a business-driven, actionable plan;
  • How visible and accurate data can help drive a strategic sourcing pipeline that is more forward-thinking instead of reactive.

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