The Holy Grail of Contract Management

Harmony Between Procurement, Sales and Legal

Every organization, no matter the industry, generates and signs contracts and agreements as part of the buying and selling process. These transactions typically include three distinct departments, who each view the process through a different lens:

  • Ensuring that the process goes smoothly typically falls to a Sourcing or Procurement Department, whose purpose is to make sure an organization has what it needs to run efficiently.
  • Enter the Sales Department, whose primary objective is to drive revenue for an organization and close the deal.
  • Mix in the Legal Department, determined to identify risk and protect the company from executing on an agreement that may prove lacking down the road.
  • Is it even possible for this process to go smoothly and without incident? We believe it is!

Join Consilio and Jaggaer for a discussion that will provide perspective and solutions on how today’s organizations can effectively apply their human, technical and financial resources to generate contracts through a streamlined process designed to increase output, collaboration and efficiency while decreasing risk.