Sourcing Optimization: Mastering Complex Category Management

Are you looking for new ideas on how to be more successful in strategic sourcing? Here’s your chance to learn from an industry pro who handles a very large portfolio of products and runs over 100 multi-million dollar sourcing events with hundreds of suppliers each year.

In our JAGGAER InsideSpend Thought leadership Series, we spoke with Carrie Kubinski, the eSourcing Center of Excellence Manager at W.W. Grainger, who shared a number of great ideas on how to streamline large procurement projects using technology, process, and people. Carrie details the qualification process and score carding system they have in place to ensure the utmost quality of supplier pool and internal stakeholder buy-in.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the three secrets to a successful RFP going to the marketplace:

  • How technology can be maximized to fit the scale and scope of any project
  • How to use process to generate requirements, standards, ways to reduce cycle time, and an auditable project that is transparent for all stakeholders
  • How to use the three A’s – analysis, absorption and adoption – to evaluate RFP’s