SCM Solutions: Put Your Supply Chain on a Diet

8 Case Studies Showing How Our Customers Increased Their ROI with SCM Solutions

Up to 95% of all transactions in transactional procurement are standard cases. Companies are often throwing money away on these processes because they put too much manpower into non-critical, tedious—and therefore expensive—tasks that could easily be automated instead.
The highest potential for savings, however, is also in transactional Procurement. The high process costs resulting from the large number of recurring transactions can be reduced significantly through digitalization and standardization.

Digital SCM solutions eliminate expensive and error-prone manual tasks, and free up resources for more critical strategic tasks. Digital purchase orders and order confirmations, delivery call offs and specific delivery concepts, such as Kanban and VMI, effectively make procurement processes leaner and sustainably reduce costs. Invoicing is next in line for a digital upgrade because it is an easy process requiring a high degree of manual input and tedious internal processes, which result in high process costs.

From purchase orders, to goods receipt, to invoicing, Procurement has multiple levers at their disposal that can reduce lead times.

  • Higher process security and up to 75% fewer errors
  • Improved compliance with internal guidelines and regulations
  • Higher ROI, especially for purchase orders/ order confirmations thanks to short implementation periods

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SCM Solutions: 8 Case Studies of How Our Customers Increased Their ROI with SCM Solutions