JAGGAER’s Receipt Based Invoices

When you are continuously buying huge amounts of raw materials to make your products, it’s hard know if you’re receiving what you’ve ordered and paying for what you received.

What if you could automatically match bills of lading to purchase orders, invoices, and receipts to make sure you are getting what your ordered and don’t over pay for it? Well now you can with JAGGAER’s Receipt Based Invoicing.

In our exclusive video JAGGAER’s Receipt Based Invoices, you’ll get a sneak peek into the power of this great new tool that allows you:

  • To quickly validate invoices for bulk order items with a click of a button
  • Three-way matching across POs, receipts, and invoices all in one
  • To draw down POs as goods are received so you know you’re paying the right price at the right volume

Pay with confidence with JAGGAER’s Receipt Based Invoicing. View an introductory video here.