Easy Invoicing with JAGGAER

Managing your spend all in one place can seem impossible. You set budgets and track spend for all major categories—but at the end of the quarter you feel out of control between one-off purchases, short-term spending categories, and piles of paper invoices.

In our brief video, JAGGAER’s Easy Invoice, you will learn how to get spend management initiatives back on track using a simple, but powerful tool that allows you to:

  • Capture invoices simply and easily through email;
  • Send invoices directly to your JAGGAER accounts payable solution;
  • Create an invoice for purchase orders; and
  • Send non-purchase order invoicing email templates to suppliers so they can easily invoice you via email.

Automating the invoice capture has never been easier. Take back control of your spend management initiatives with JAGGAER’s Easy Invoice. View the introductory video here.