Collaborative Contract Negotiation with JAGGAER

Negotiating contract terms with suppliers can be a very lengthy and messy process. You write up a contract, send it to your vendor, and wait for a reply. When you finally get it back, you have to read every word to ensure you have not overlooked any important changes. There are likely to be dozens of drafts to review before the final contract is complete.

Now, there is a tool that allows you to drive contract negotiations faster and more accurately. Watch our video, JAGGAER’s Collaborative Contract Negotiation, where we show you how to:

  • Manage contract versioning automatically;
  • Compare contract versions side by side to review changes; and
  • Keep a complete version history of each document, allowing you to see how the contract has evolved over time.
  • And more!

JAGGAER’s Collaborative Contract Negotiation means no more time waiting for contract revisions or manually tracking changes. View our video here.