Achieving Superior Performance in Working Capital Management

As the economic picture brightens, companies have loosened their grip on managing working capital. According to the most recent study on the subject by REL Consulting, days sales outstanding (DSO), days inventory outstanding (DIO) and days payables outstanding (DPO) have deteriorated substantially since the recession.

This is unfortunate. Obtaining superior results in working capital management means maintaining and improving controls to keep costs down, in addition to generating capital to invest internally regardless of current economic conditions. With more working capital, organizations can pay off debt obligations earlier, thereby increasing net margins to shareholder benefit. This capital also can be invested in acquisitions, released to shareholders as dividends, earmarked for R&D or tapped to buy back company stock.

There are ways to maintain more stringent working capital standards through internal process improvements and, especially, through the use of cloud-based software tools that permit more efficient, cost-effective procurement, inventory management and accounts payable automation.

During this Webcast, you will learn:

  • How to identify problems in working capital management before they take root;
  • How to develop DSO, DIO and DPO performance metrics that permit degrees of flexibility;
  • How to rein in maverick spending without hurting the bottom line; and
  • Why it makes sense to leverage cloud-based technology tools to manage company spending, suppliers, contracts, sourcing, inventory and accounts payable more efficiently.