JAGGAER Releases Annual Directed Guide to assessing ROI
of Enterprise Digital Procurement Solutions

Research Triangle Park, NC – June 20, 2018JAGGAER, the world’s largest independent spend management company, today released its 2018 guide developed for procurement professionals in commercial industries to assess their investments: The Ultimate Guide to Better ROI in Purchasing. This year’s guide will enable users to quickly assess their current procurement processes and calculate an initial estimate for ROI, potential savings, and project paybacks they should expect from a digital procurement solution.

JAGGAER’s checklists serve as easily accessible, highly practical tools that help procurement professionals define the business case for digitalizing certain purchasing processes. The latest ROI checklist was designed with input from JAGGAER’s solution and Value Assessment experts, and guides users through a step-by-step assessment of their organization’s current procurement processes. The checklist also helps users identify clear areas for improvements and highlights processes with the highest potential for increasing value and savings through automation.

“Automation in purchasing holds enormous potential for increasing value for money, but quantifying this value can be a challenge for the customer. Our ROI checklist provides a user-friendly and informative guide to help procurement professionals get an initial estimate of the value they can expect from a digital procurement solution. Not only will they be able to use this information to build a business case for management, they will also have the information they need to maximize the investment in their digital solution,” explains Rob Bonavito, CEO of JAGGAER.

“Customers often struggle with calculating ROI estimates and are unsure of where to start. Knowing what to look for and collecting the data for these estimates can seem like a monumental task. This is where JAGGAER’s best-practice expertise comes in. Tools like the ROI checklist can help customers get the starting point they need,” says Brett Cornell, one of JAGGAER’s Value Assessment Consultants

The checklist covers processes in Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Management and Supply Chain Management, and focuses on the three main factors that have the greatest impact on ROI in purchasing: the time and spend going into each process; the cycle time for each process; and the potential for efficiencies. After completing the checklist, procurement professionals will gain a deeper understanding of their own processes and will have a clearer picture of how they can increase efficiency, effectiveness, and VfM with digital solutions.

Download the free ROI Checklist here


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