The Mother of All Procurement Posts (Why Your Mom is the Best CPO You Know)


Mother’s Day is upon us. At last the gift-giving fast that began the day after Valentine’s day is over! Mother’s Day is generally regarded as a day of tenderness and gratitude, when we shower the females who raised us with pampering and trinkets. But we have one-track minds here at JAGGAER, so when we think of moms and all they contribute to their families, we see some pretty fantastic Chief Procurement Officers.

Allow us to make that case.

1. Mom Knows Cheapest is Not Always Best.

By the time my son was 5, I had learned a valuable lesson: the $30 double-reinforced-knee pants from the catalog were a smarter purchase than the $9 pants from the big-box store. Why? Because my son, God bless him, can wear holes in the knees of his pants in no time flat. The $9 pants seemed like a bargain, but I had to replace them often. After two winters of trying to find long pants in his size when the stores had transitioned to Spring duds, I realized that the better quality, more expensive pants saved me time, gas, frustration in the long run.

JAGGAER’s sourcing software allows enterprises to weigh criteria like this on a much larger scale. Procurement pros can weigh price and non-price criteria to make the decision that truly makes the most sense for their specific needs.

2. Mom Has a PhD in Smart Shopping

When my children were in preschool, I decided to jump on the extreme couponing bandwagon. I bought extra Sunday papers, pored over the circulars and ads, downloaded all the eCoupon apps and bought a binder that I never truly figured out what to do with. Let me assure you that nobody was worse at extreme couponing than me. My neighbor, however, had a knack for it. She knew to use certain coupons only at certain stores because they would double or triple on certain days. She knew that one store had lower prices on produce, but another on meats and milk. I was in awe of her.

JAGGAER’s eProcurement solutions are the software equivalent of my neighbor. They take into account quantities, discounts, volume-based price breaks and other preferences and help procurement pros make decisions that enhance the bottom line. No binder required.

3. Moms are masters of transportation/logistics sourcing.

Here’s a glimpse into the weekend of a mom with tweens. Tween A wants to attend a sporting event after school, then go to a local shopping center for dinner and movie with friends, then be transported with her friends to a sleepover. Tween B wants to go home from school with a friend to spend the night, but doesn’t have his clothes or sleeping bag. The challenge: make necessary arrangements from work, while actually getting your job done and preserving your own plans to meet a girlfriend for dinner.

Moms carry maps and schedules in our heads. So in my mind’s eye, I could see the various places where people need to be on my imaginary map, overlay that with relevant pick up and drop off times, sort by how these locations match other parent’s residences and places of work and line up a plan to get everybody where they need to be involving no less than 5 adults and 5 separate vehicles.

This is another example of how JAGGAER’s sourcing solution takes these activities to an enterprise scale. Our Advanced Sourcing Optimizer slices and dices various modes of transport, capacity constraints, timing considerations and safety/sustainability concerns and delivers the most efficient and cost-effective ways to transport goods.

So there you have it. Three compelling reasons Moms should add “CPO” to their resumes.

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