The Final Four’s Behind-the-Scenes Procurement Madness


Whether you’re at the games or screaming at the TV, the last thing you’re probably thinking about while watching the Final Four Tournament is procurement.

As one of the nation’s largest yearly sporting events, the tournament involves a deep bench of behind-the-scenes decisions related to sourcing and procurement needs surrounding the games. Think about it this way- somewhere along the line someone had to make the decision of which vendor would create, ship and install the various tournament logos that brand each venue. Does that supplier have a contract with the NCAA? Are they the cheapest option? Can one vendor handle all the necessary installation logistics? As you can guess, these miniscule questions exponentially increase across the grand scheme of the tournament, and organizers are faced with making sure their choices lead to the smooth execution of dozens of discrete events that comprise the phenomenon we know as March Madness. And PS, millions of people are watching.

Take, for example, the process of determining which cities will host games. The NCAA committee that oversees this decision reviews complex bids from cities across the country to determine which can best accommodate the logistical and infrastructure needs of the tournament. Sorting through this dizzying array of criteria to make the best choice would make anyone’s head spin. But the right software can guide you to a sound, confident decision.

At JAGGAER, these are the kind of challenges we help our customers solve every day. Our ability to help them succeed directly affects their success and growth. Our from powerful tools to handle sourcing and logistics, to intuitive interfaces to make shopping and suppler interactions a breeze, we provide the technology that helps leading organizations around the world succeed.

We might not get to cut down the net, but helping our customers succeed by managing the complexities of spend management is our kind of slam dunk.

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