Procure-to-Pay Tips from Tetris: Fill the Gaps in Your Process


Tetris: the fun puzzle game you played as a kid (or as an adult, no judgement here), where a “level-up” is the reward for your strategic block placement. Every new game begins with the blank screen. You put the first blocks down, filling in blank spaces and developing a game plan as you go. Each new level produces new challenges and speed. Suddenly your easy puzzle game turns into a frenzy of arrow clicking and perpetual anxiety. Just one misstep, and it’s over.

Much like starting a new game of Tetris, implementing a procure-to-pay solution begins with laying down the initial blocks that will guide your strategy for capturing value. Procure-to-pay solutions are the building blocks for your procurement department because they manage raw materials and provide immediate hard cost savings. Procure-to-Pay solutions not only influence internal customers’ purchasing habits, but also facilitate purchasing transactions, invoice reconciliation and payment.

But what happens after you after you lay those initial Tetris blocks on the bottom of your screen? You had plan A with procure-to-pay software, but how do you continue to improve your strategy and win the game? The blocks don’t stop falling just because you built a foundation. How will you fill in those gaps to complete a perfect line?

Filling in the procurement process gaps is where the source-to-settle suite elevates your strategy. While capturing value is beneficial to your business, you’re only capturing the value you know about. What other value could you be missing?

The answer is in the upstream part of the source-to-settle process. The upstream process is all about creating value by identifying spend patterns, managing suppliers across the organization, and strategic sourcing. If these elements are nonexistent in your savings strategy, then you are neglecting opportunities to maximize your ROI and discover value beyond savings.

Just like in the game of Tetris, even if you think you have built a solid foundation, there will come a moment in the game in which you will need to fill in the gaps. The question is: do you have the right tools to build an unbroken line with your procure-to-pay strategy?

Want more information about how you can discover the value you may be missing? Read about how savings is just the start of what the source-to-settle suite can do for you.

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