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Sustainable Procurement: Why Now?

On-Demand Webinar

Establishing Sustainable Supplier Management with a Digital Solution

Few topics are as critical for modern businesses as sustainability, and while environmental responsibility is a large piece of the puzzle, sustainability goes beyond just choosing ecofriendly suppliers. In our webinar with partner EcoVadis, sharpen your understanding of building a sustainable supplier management program and why it’s crucial for procurement organizations today.

Join us for a webinar covering the ins and outs of supplier sustainability and the role it plays in your larger holistic supplier strategy. EcoVadis will present the importance of using product tagging to differentiate similar suppliers, as well as leveraging supplier performance management.

In 45 minutes, you’ll learn about: 

  • What sustainability really means
  • The importance of sustainability in supply chains
  • How JAGGAER takes a sustainable approach
  • How JAGGAER integrates with EcoVadis to provide supplier scorecarding

Join Daniel Perry, Global Alliances Director at EcoVadis, and Georg Rösch, VP of Product Management at JAGGAER, to take your responsible supplier management up a notch.

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