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eInvoicing: Compliance on a Global Scale

On-Demand Webinar

Spur improvements in accounts payable with Global eInvoicing solutions

The invoice is a key element of any business transaction. Validating, approving, and paying on time is essential to maintaining strong supplier relationships and receiving the best payment terms.

But with international regulations changing, Value-Added Taxes increasing restrictions, and some countries even requiring electronic invoicing, the payment landscape is rapidly shifting. Those organizations that want to maximize their cost savings and benefits from automation must ensure compliance with all of these global eInvoicing regulations.

Join Ken Clark, Compliancy Director at JAGGAER, to learn the benefits of an extensive eInvoicing system that guarantees compliance, and learn the functions of unique regulations around the world.

In our webinar you’ll learn: 

  • An introduction to electronic invoicing
  • The benefits of eInvoicing compliance to the accounts payable function
  • A brief history of electronic invoicing
  • How JAGGAER ONE approaches digital invoices

Take your invoicing and accounts payable processes to the next level! Watch now! 

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