JAGGAER Collaborates with DHL to Build a Globally Connected eProcurement Solution of the Future

While the world of procurement IT has some degree of process automation in place; automation as it relates to strategic sourcing has yet to follow suit. The problem lies in a series of scattered, siloed solutions that are not synced-up in one, joined-up approach.

In our success story, DHL and JAGGAER Deliver a Globally Connected Procurement System for the Future, you’ll get insights on how this logistics leader:

  1. Achieved the benefits of complete transparency and common process through JAGGAER’s Strategic Sourcing solution
  2. Fully integrated its IT procurement so that globally, the company could communicate and share mission-critical business data
  3. Is using the JAGGAER solution to fulfill its global strategy designed to focus and connect the company to foster better supplier relationships and growth