Fortune 200 Manufacturing Company Gets Control Over Spend

Deeper insight into spend and better contract compliance

For a business that operates 24/7 worldwide, gaining insight and control over spend across the organization is critical. But for this global manufacturer, its size and disparate systems made this virtually impossible. With 20 different ERPs in place and no mechanism to retrieve quality data or analysis from any of them, the company sought a new solution to expand the use of procurement technology from a regional model to a global platform covering all sourcing and procurement processes. Today, they’ve made the purchasing experience easier than ever, while enabling best-in-class contract compliance and greater spend control.

Read the success story to find out how the company:

  • Gained control over punch-out prices and access to analysis reports on catalog and price enhancements
  • Enabled a centralized contract repository and a robust, configurable approval process
  • Easily managed and executed sourcing events in a complete, web-based environment
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