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More than 15 years of experience and industry expertise

Built using best practices from 15 years of working with global leaders in production, our mature solution suite covers everything you need in manufacturing procurement.

Procurement in manufacturing is largely driven by design. This means that close coordination between development and procurement is a must. A large percentage of production costs, however, is already determined by product specifications – and without involving Procurement. The wide variety of parts involved creates a huge processing overhead. Each new component or machine that was not planned for must be discussed with engineering first, and these products are often demanded by customers on short-notice.

With two decades of industry experience, JAGGAER understands the unique challenges facing CPG enterprises and tailors solutions to help maximize the efficiency of their supply chains. Whether it’s procuring direct materials and ingredients, packaging, sourcing indirect materials, transportation and distribution services,  or controlling spend, JAGGAER helps turn complex problems into opportunities that prepare companies for a changing market.

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What Sets Us Apart

Leading anaylsts from Gartner and Forrester Research agree that JAGGAER is the most mature software solution for manufacturing. No other provider offers more functions for specialized requirements in this industry.


Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Dependence on suppliers is always an issue in manufacturing because of the high technical demands involved.  Finding alternatives can be difficult.  This is why supplier qualification and development are essential components of a successful SRM system.


Companies in the manufacturing industry procure a large number of specially designed parts. If the specifications are planned in cooperation with the development department, Procurement can send them to a large number of suppliers in advance. Sketches, drawings and other documents can easily be added to the RFQ. Procurement in manufacturing frequently need to send requests to alternate suppliers, and the RFQ module makes it easy to receive quotes quickly.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

During the ordering process in manufacturing it is crucial that documents can be added in the POM process. Our software simplifies this process with the Document Approval Exchange Module, which makes exchanging documents with suppliers easier than ever – for both sides.

Quality Management

Global sourcing initiatives are often difficult to implement in technology-driven companies. New suppliers present a quality risk, which does not exist with long-term suppliers. A select number of technical suppliers must be carefully chosen and developed to ensure that quality standards are met. Automating complaint management also enhances the entire quality improvement process.

JAGGAER se integra perfectamente con más de 40 ERP, que incluyen Banner, Workday, Colleague, SAP y PeopleSoft.

Póngase en contacto con nosotros para saber por qué nuestros clientes se benefician a partir de combinar JAGGAER con sus soluciones de ERP tradicionales.

El paquete de solución

El paquete de fabricación de JAGGAER permite al fabricante aumentar los ahorros totales sobre el costo, la eficiencia, el gasto con respecto al contrato, el gasto con respecto a los proveedores de suministros y la productividad, todo al mismo tiempo que reduce el riesgo. Los resultados impactarán sobre los beneficios y aumentarán su competitividad.

Resultados netos:

      • ]
        .4 mil millones de reducción en el ahorro de costos totales
      • 12 % de ahorro en los costos generales por el aumento de la competitividad
      • 90 % de proveedores verificados, incorporados y con desempeño supervisado
      • 15 % de reducción de proveedores no confiables
      • 95 % de contratos conformes en vigencia
      • 17 % de mejora en los tiempos del ciclo de adquisición
      • 220 % de ganancia en procesos eficientes


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