5 Words to Maximize Value from P2P
White Paper

5 Ways to Maximize Value from Procure-to-Pay Implementations

Purchase-to-pay processes cover the activities supporting the acquisition of goods and services from the perspective of data, administration and payment – so “onboarding” suppliers, the requisitioning and ordering processes, delivery and receipt of goods and services, then finally invoicing and payment.

This briefing paper looks at purchase-to-pay (P2P) implementations and key points to consider to maximize the value that can be obtained from such systems. Organizations implementing P2P for the first time and those looking to improve current tools share many of the same goals and issues, and both can see a range of benefits arising from appropriate and well-chosen technology.

You will learn:


  • Five factors to consider to maximize the value from P2P
  • How to measure the benefits from the technology
  • Future developments that will impact P2P processes and technology

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