White Paper

Implementing P2P for Short-Term Success and Long-Term Value

Procure-to- Pay  Implementation Guide 

Thinking of adopting  a new Procure-to-pay (P2P)  suite ?  

Seems like it would be a  fairly straight-forward  process ; HOWEVER, t he truth is, successfully  Implementing  P2P  solution can be anything but straightforward Primarily Because  most  P2P implementation strategies fail to include the proper  stakeholders , process, and technology  considerations.   

Don’t  let this deter your efforts — the benefits of digitizing P2P  processes  far outweigh the  time and costs of implementation Nothing creates cost and time savings quite like a proper P2P suite. Plus  by knowing what to watch out for and by choosing the right technology partner, you’ll be on a fast track to ROI. 

In  our  white paper,  Implementing Procure-to-Pay for Short-Term Success and Long-Term Value , we  break down  P2P implementation  to make a complete guide for you : 

  • Common P2P implementation pitfalls and how to avoid them 
  • Proper implementation sequence strategy 
  • Project staffing 
  • Data requirements 
  • Change management during and after implementation 

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