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JAGGAER and Edgeverve Combining the Power of AI for Procurement Contracts

AI for Procurement Contracts: Improving Efficiency, Saving Costs and Mitigating Risks with Intelligent Contracts Analysis

Contracts are a vital part of business. They are the foundation of the relationship between a buyer and supplier.

An average Fortune 1000 organization is said to have over 40,000 active contracts at any given point.

And when contracts need to be executed, organizations have been forced to undergo a largely, manual and cross departmental process, costing valuable time and money.

These manual processes, aside from simply costing money and wasting time, will also lead to errors, lack of scalability, countless delays, and the inevitable burnout of repetitive tasks.

Now there’s a solution: AI-powered Contract Management.

This whitepaper emphasizes how using an AI-powered contract management solution (CMS) can help businesses optimize procurement efficiency, improve processes and regulatory compliance posture, and redirect valuable resources towards strategic business initiatives.

Read this free white paper to learn:

  • The gaps in current contract management
  • The current lifecycle of a contract
  • How to find the right AI Contract Management Provider for you
  • How to leverage AI in Procurement to:
    • Reduce Risk
    • Save Money
    • Eliminate repetitive tasks
    • Increase efficiency, scalability and agility

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