A business case for growth
White Paper

Contract Management — Making the Business Case for Investment

Contracts are the foundation of all business relationships, and in many ways, the backbone of procurement work. That’s why making the business case for a contract management system is paramount.

Even the best procurement work can be completely undone due to poor contract management.

But, there’s also the opportunity for incredible value to be had from contract management. Contracts typically have a lot of gray areas or hidden clauses, but if you know how to leverage them properly you can get a number of benefits such as improved commercial benefits, supplier innovation and service improvements to name a few.

But it all starts with making the business case for a contract management system.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Two key reasons for a contract management system: risk & opportunity
  • A template for making your own business case
  • What key elements make a compelling and complete case

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