2019 Digital Procurement Report

Digital Transformation: How Close Are We?

What Steps Can You Take to Achieve Successful Digital Transformation in Procurement?

How far have companies come since 2017?

Are we any closer to achieving digital transformation in procurement?

JAGGAER’s new study reveals that while the majority of procurement professionals recognize the potential of digital procurement technologies and have taken the first steps towards digitalization, most are struggling when it comes to taking the next step towards digital transformation.

Despite the rise in hype surrounding emerging technologies over the past two years, the reality is that progress towards digital transformation in procurement has been slow and companies remain wary of investing in new technologies. What advancements will deliver the most value for procurement and what steps do procurement organizations need to take to get the most out of their investment?

The results of JAGGAER’s global study, collected from 321 participants, show that although the majority of companies have taken the first steps towards digitalization, many are not taking full advantage of what digital procurement has to offer.

Download the new study and get an exclusive inside look at:

  •    How procurement professionals rate their level of knowledge about emerging technologies
•    How companies rank different technologies in terms of investment priority and potential
•    What steps are needed to achieve successful digital transformation in procurement
•    Applications for emerging technologies in procurement
•    Why your data is now more important than ever


Ready to take the next steps towards digital transformation in procurement?

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