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Spend Matters on Sourcing Strategies: Why One Size Does Not Fit All

For years, sourcing solutions have promised to do it all.


One tool claimed to handle all sourcing needs, regardless of industry, products, complexity or scale. In truth, each sourcing scenario is unique and needs a specialized tool for the job.

Most traditional eSourcing platforms were originally built for indirect sourcing – purchasing completed goods – and don’t lend themselves well to direct materials or complex CAPEX events. Direct sourcing requires full bill of materials support and highly detailed specifications, while CAPEX events are typically multi-month or multi-year projects.

Each category of sourcing – indirect, direct, and CAPEX – requires different information capture, cost model breakdowns, category definitions, and functional capabilities. If one single sourcing tool were to accommodate all of these, it would quickly become so convoluted that it would only be useful for less than 1% of sourcing events.

Instead, what sourcing teams need is a solution custom-tailored for the type of work that they do. In our white paper, Sourcing Strategies: Why One Size Does Not Fit All, get insights from Michael Lamoureux of Spend Matters. See why unique sourcing tools are crucial, and how they can help your business run more effective events and make smarter award decisions.

In this white paper you will learn:


  • The different needs of direct, indirect and CAPEX sourcing events
  • The technical elements that each type of sourcing tool must include
  • The dangers of using a single, multi-purpose tool
  • How JAGGAER addresses each type of sourcing event with three sourcing solutions
  • Avoid the pitfalls of a single sourcing tool. Instead, embrace a platform with multiple sourcing configurations to meet all of your organization’s needs.


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