On-Demand Webinare

Risk Mitigation Guidelines for the Manufacturing Industry

Managing risks in times of uncertainties

Organizations are facing a number of different threats to their business, as the last few years have shown how fragile our operating models were. Single sources, geographic concentration and long logistic routes are very error prone. This puts an emphasis on a more strategic approach to risk management with strong implications to other procurement and supply chain processes. 

In this on demand webinar recording you can discover: 

  • The imperative of managing risks
  • How to source from the right suppliers and monitor them constantly
  • How to make the case for supply chain risk management (SCRM), prioritization and implementation of SCRM
  • A set of actions to be better equipped for future risks

Learn how to implement an effective risk management as an integral part of your procurement processes to eliminate situations that put your organization at unnecessary, increased risk. 


Heiko Schwarz, Sphera

Global Supply Chain Risk Advisor


Georg Rösch, JAGGAER

VP Direct Procurement Strategy


Albert Jacobs, JAGGAER

Director, Strategic Enablement

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