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    The Best Solutions for Automating Your Business Processes

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    Have you ever tried to streamline your procurement and spend workflow to eliminate as many paper-laden processes as possible? If so, you’ll know it’s difficult because finding a system everyone can use can be overwhelming.

    So how do you optimize your business process automation?

    Business process automation can happen in many forms, whether it be an assembly line or self-checkout lines. Here at JAGGAER, we focus on document based process automation. What does that mean? Basically, any of your sourcing, contracting, invoicing, etc. that is done on paper can be completed digitally using our software.

    For example: invoices can have a lengthy review and approval process. Some invoices can require multiple signatures and can take weeks to become finalized. Many times in order to get the required signatures, each invoice has to be printed and hand delivered to each employee. If a company is processing over 200 invoices a week, this can easily get stalled and can become difficult to monitor. By automating this business process, you can quickly generate invoices from contracts and even tie a processed invoice to a specific contract line item. To take your processes a step further, you can import the invoice into Spend Radar for more in-depth spend analytics.

    Another way to automate your business process is by automating your suppliers

    With Total Supplier Manager you can speed up your supplier on-boarding by setting up dynamic qualifications and questionnaires. This process makes sourcing and contracting a lot easier because the supplier information will be automatically fed into our Sourcing Director and Total Contract Manager software. Since the suppliers manage their own information, you know it will be correct and save your team time since they will no longer have to mail, fax and photocopy certificates, insurance and contracts.

    With enhanced reporting and configurable workflow optimization you are in full control of your business processes. Quickly view every stage of the source-to-pay process to ensure faster turnarounds, improved efficiencies and minimize ricks. With configurable automated escalations you can be sure reminders are sent to the right person to keep things moving.

    Now that you know the benefits of a streamlined, automated workflow process, you’re ready to re-evaluate your business processes without worrying about missing out on hidden value.


    Check out this video case study to see how University of Montana used business process automation to add more value to their organization.

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