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Procurement in plant engineering faces many major organizational challenges. The projects usually run over a  long period of time and are spread across different locations. Insufficient information makes supplier capacity hard to track in advance,  and changes in delivery and service costs can affect the entire project. Timing is crucial and project delays can result in unwanted costs. Another challenge faced by procurement departments in plant engineering is that almost every part is customized and complex with completely unique requirements.

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million total cost savings
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Plant engineering companies have very specific requirements and processes in Procurement. Years of experience and unique solutions make JAGGAER the ideal partner for companies in this challenging industry.

Supplier Management

Executing international projects means constatnly working with new global suppliers. This is why SRM is often a key issue in plant engineering. Supplier approval is often based on specific product characteristics, which makes the process chgallenging. We tackle this complex problem by using custom approval workflows.  Information about suppliers, subsidiaries and supply chains that is relevant to risk is incorporated into the decision process by integrating external data (i.e. D&B Data and data from riskmethods). Timing and punctuality are also very important in this industry because postponed deliveries in ERP systems can often lead to problems. JAGGAER has solved this issue as well with their supplier rating module.  Our solutions make it easy to keep track of changes.


Requests for quotes (RFQs) in plant engineering are generally very complex due to the low vertical range for the parts being requested. In addition, the required parts are almost always unique and the RFQs generally contain individual project part lists for specific customers. At the same time, the demand for personalized services is at an all time high.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Timing is critical in plant engineering. Deliveries must be on time  and are often needed exactly on the set delivery date. Goods receipt must be closely monitored. The Service Order Module ensures that the process from ordering to invoicing is continuous for individual services that are requested often during plant construction. Change management  and streamlined data exchange for all data formats is is also guaranteed with the Document Approval Exchange Module (DAE).

Quality Management

Plant engineering companies have high standards for quality,  both for the parts used and for their suppliers. This is why the Supplier Development and Audit Management modules contain customizable questionnaires. All the relevant information is easily collected, managed and documented in a central location. By automating many of their QM processes, companies can also increase efficiency.

JAGGAER integrates seamlessly with more than 40 ERP systems, including Oracle, McKesson, SAP, Infor, Banner, Workday, Colleague, and PeopleSoft.

Contact us to learn why our customers benefit from the combination of JAGGAER with their traditional ERP systems.

The Solution Suite

With JAGGAER’s unique solutions for plant engineering companies, producers can make their processes more efficient, ensure compliance with the highest security and quality standards, and achieve savings that will make a difference to their bottom line.

Net Results:

  • Up to 80% fewer process costs for purchase orders
  • Up to 70% fewer process costs for invoicing
  • Up to 30% fewer costs for goods receipt management
  • Concentrate resources on strategic tasks (costs, risks, innovation)
  • Successfully implement global business transformation processes


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