Manage and Share Your Sourcing Data Effortlessly with Sourcing Optimizer: Data Warehouse


You already know that accurate data is vitally important to your procurement team. Without it, finding savings in both cost and time would be far more difficult. According to JAGGAER’s 2018 Digital Procurement Report, technologies related to data analysis are the most valued and desired pieces of technology among respondents.

More and more businesses are going global. This means that business decisions now have more far-reaching consequences than ever before. One small mistake in examining or presenting data points within your sourcing activity could cost you. Businesses need a strategic approach to managing their sourcing data.

Most importantly, being able to not only analyze data, but specify exactly what information you want to look at and share, is critical. Within your sourcing events there are dozens of data points you may consider, from pricing to risk level to bandwidth and schedule availability. Providing curated data to team members prevents them from becoming overwhelmed and allows you to focus the conversation on the exact metrics you want to address.

With JAGGAER’s update to the Sourcing Optimizer Data Warehouse and Visualization tool, it’s simple to view only the exact data you want, and then quickly share that view with anyone in your organization.

The Data Warehouse is the future of data management for your procurement suite. JAGGAER will give you access to and control over all of the data in your advanced sourcing events. With flexible in-event reporting and interactive, customizable dashboards, you get all new perspectives on your data.

New dashboards allow you to show the data you want without cluttering up your view. You can configure your personal dashboard to show exactly what you need, saving you time you’d otherwise spend building reports. Within your visual dashboard you can interact with your event summary data, set different time period views, and look at spend and savings data as granularly as you want. And all of the information is up to date, so you never have to worry about having the latest numbers.

Once you’ve chosen the view of data that you want, you can quickly and easily export it as a PDF to present to whoever you like. If you just need numbers without the visuals, you can export grid data to Excel spreadsheets instead. And, if there are team members who need access to information on a regular basis, you can grant internal users access to event-level data. You no longer have to spend time pulling reports to share with people every week.

Viewing and sharing the exact sourcing data you need has never been easier. With interactive reporting, exportable graphs and tables, and internal user access, JAGGAER’s ASO Data Warehouse and Visualization module gives you ultimate control over all of your data from advanced sourcing events.

For more information on Sourcing optimizer, check out our Sourcing Optimizer Datasheet.

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