360° Supplier View for Rolls-Royce Power Systems

How a digital procurement platform is helping to harmonize prices and supplier data worldwide

MTU Friedrichshafen, the core company at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, has a vision of a 360° view of each supplier without having to use several systems. The company wants clear supplier data and purchase globally at the same prices while taking into account local price components. Every change in price will be available to buyers in one place in real time, without having to enter it several times.

Find out how MTU Friedrichshafen/Rolls-Royce Power Systems purchases at the same prices worldwide with Global Price Management. Discover:

  • Why globally negotiated prices don’t limit local flexibility
  • How each buyer can access a central data source, even with different SAP systems
  • How the digital network makes internal coordination easier and speeds up the approval process.
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Rolls Royce Case Study